Spring Bear Season

By Live 2 Hunt | May 1, 2008

The Live 2 Hunt Television show had a record breaking rookie season!!!  To start off springtime, the Live 2 Hunt Team was in Northern Saskatchewan in search of color phase Black Bears!  In this season the ladies of the team had first crack in front of the cameras!  Bailey Simpson got the ball rolling with a giant bear that she took with her bow at 14 yards in a ground blind.  The footage is phenomenal!  Bailey’s sister Meghan followed close behind with a beautiful red colored bear shot with her muzzle loader!  These two hunts made a great “Sisters and Giant Bears” episode!  The first week in June, Kelsy Claypool set out to anchor her first black bear.  With Kelsy having a phobia of bears and never even seeing one in the wild before, it made the footage quite entertaining the first evening when three bears walked in at once right at the base of Kelsy’s tree!!!  It’s a must see on the show!  Kelsy ended up getting a beautiful cinnamon colored bear on night number two with her TC muzzle loader. Kelsy’s phobia is cured and can’t wait for her next bear hunt!  These are just a few of the exciting hunts we captured this spring in bear camp.